Sighting In Your AK
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Now to zero the rifle in! We are going to Zero the rifle in at the combat zero of 25 meters. Once the rifle is zeroed in, it should be zeroed in at all other ranges. First set up a target at 25 meters, preferably one with a center point of aim. Adjust the rear leaf sight to the setting of 1 (Remember, a setting of 1 is 100 meters). Take your time and aim carefully, shoot three shots at the point of aim. Retrieve the target a take note of where the shots are hitting. Adjust the sights appropriately to compensate until your shots hit the point of aim. For example if all your shots are hitting like the below drawing you would move the drift cylinder using either the tool from Tapco, or the rubber mallet and wooden dowel, slightly to the right, this would move the point of impact (where the shots are hitting) of the next set of shots to the left, then you would rotate the front sight peg counter-clockwise slightly to lower the point of impact of the next shots.
Continue to shoot 3 shot groups and adjusting until you have a tight 3-shoot group as pictured below at the point of aim. Once the rifle is zeroed in you should only have to make slight adjustments for the wind if necessary.

And thats it, your rifle is now zeroed in!

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