Welcome to my Romanian Kalashnikov site, the site dedicated to helping those interested in owning and operating Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles. This site was created to fill the gap of information available online about Romanian rifles. I have designed this sight to familiarize those who know little or nothing about Romanian Kalashnikov rifles learn about the many different versions that are available, and how to troubleshoot common problems.

If you are a newbie before making a decision to purchase one of these rifles know the laws in your state. If you are from CA. for example you can forget owning one of these rifles. This page could not of been possible with out the help and great information from the members of Ak-47.net .

- Thanks guys

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Update 2005!!!


Well I got some time to come in and update a few sections. Make sure to check out the Romanian models section with history behind different series of rifles and a couple of new models.

Also updated the markings section to include a note about the new rifles, added some new stuff to the “How to Bump Fire” section. Make sure to watch the videos.

A few more updates I have not finished yet should be going up soon.

BTW: I receive a ton of emails every day, I try to answer them all, but some times I get so many my email account dumps them.


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