Home Made Romanian Threaded Sight Block
Finding a Romanian Threaded Front Sight Block can be both expensive and very time consuming. Luckily, Nosegunner recently figured out an alternative that is still legal and much cheaper. Since the threads are 22mm, the same as the Romanian threaded front site block, the do not accept a flash hider and are thus perfectly legal to have on your rifle. Check out the "Installing a Romanian Threaded Front Sight Block" tutorial to view the BATF ruling that states it is legal.
Pictured above is what the homemade version looks like. Not bad for being much cheaper then the actual thing. You will need to have some basic shop skills to complete this build along with tools listed below:

A Drill Press
A Set of Common Drill Bits
A Pipe Wrench (or a die tool)
A Basic Lathe or Grinder(either will work)
A Set of Allen Wrenches
A Emory Cloth
Masking Tape
Teflon Tape

Before we begin you will need to order the parts pictured to the left from KVAR

AK205 - Retainer pin, w/spring for muzzle nut
AK256 - Retainer pin, for AK74 plunger pin
AK141 - AK74 Romanian Compensator (if K-VAR is out of these I think Global Trades sells a US version in 22mm)

You will also need to purchase a 22mm X 1.5 die from MSC Direct
Since this thread size is rare, they are expensive. This part will set you back about $20 which is still cheaper then purchasing the front sight base.

PART # 03867017

And finally, as pictured above, you will need to purchase a 7/8"grade 8 hex bolt and a 10-32 Allen Set Screw (preferably at least 2" in length) from your local hardware store.
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