Fire Control Group Removal
The Fire Control Group or FCG in a semi-auto AK consist of 3 main parts, 5 minor parts and 1 supporting part that is not really at all considered part of the FCG.
Part List (For use with the above picture)

A: Disconnector
B: Disconnector Spring
C: Trigger
D: Trigger Axis Pin
E: Hammer Axis Pin
F: Hammer Spring
H: Selector Lever (supporting part, not pictured)
I: Shepard's Hook (Crook)

The three major parts are the hammer, disconnector, and trigger. These parts on most post-ban AKs are US made, if some one hasn't changed out the ones in your rifle there is a good chance that they where manufactured here in the USA so your rifle would be compliant with the part count laws. Unfortunately some of these parts are made as quickly and as cheaply as possible, thus most Romanian AKs ship with these cheap FCG parts in them from Century. The little “C” stamped on them can identify these parts. Because most of these parts are of a poor quality they have a condition called trigger slap. If you don't know what trigger slap is visit the “Trigger Slap Fix” section on the menu to the left. Since so many of these cheaply made US FCG parts are placed in factory rifles it is a good idea to know how to remove them from your rifle to fix problems, or even better, replace them with a high quality US manufactured aftermarket set.
The five minor parts include the Shepard's hook(crook), trigger axis pin, hammer axis pin, hammer spring, and disconector spring. These minor parts are manufactured in various locations, probably a mixture of both US and Foreign makes, but since they don't count towards the parts count in your rifle I don't think it matters. I highly recommend you purchase a Shepard's hook(crook) replacement plate from Red Star Arms, it makes the installation and removal of a FCG a breeze.

The one supporting part is the safety (selector) lever, since it interacts directly with the FCG group I thought it would be a good idea to mention it here in this tutorial. The Selector basically is a safety in semi-auto rifles, on full auto models though it selects between Safety, Semi, or Continuous (full-auto) fire.


Before removing/installing your FCG you will need several common tools. It is a good idea to have a pair of needle nose pliers, a small pin punch(I just use a small metal cylinder of some type), a hammer(or some thing to bang on the pin punch with, I used and old drill bit), and a long flat head screw driver.

Make sure you unload your rifle and completely field strip it. If you don't know how to field strip you rifle please visit the “Field Striping” tutorial, which can be found on the menu to the left.

After field stripping your rifle you must then remove the rifle selector (safety) lever. Do this by first discharging the rifle's hammer by pulling the trigger (make sure the rifle is field stripped and unloaded!) and releasing it.

Then Rotate the lever all the way up until the tab on the end of the lever hits the back of the disconector, at this time pull the trigger back to give the tab on the lever some clearance for removal. View the below photo for more info.

(Note: When the Blue and Red areas contact pull and hold the trigger back, also ignore the fact that the hammer is engaged in the photo)

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