Red Star Arms Adjustable Trigger Review
Ok the very first thing I noticed when I received the trigger was the package the box came in. They had this thing so tapped up I had to practically get a hacksaw to open it. Also there were no dumb markings on the package that suggest there was any thing valuable. Both the package being securely sealed and the lack of obvious markings will hopefully detour our little loading buddies with sticky fingers at the post office. So already the company that makes the product, RedStarArms has two good things going for it and we haven't even opened the box. Once I got into the box, through the use of some major force, I pulled out the newspaper used to keep the product from bouncing around. Then I saw it, the awesome holy grail of a piece that I spent 10 minutes trying to get too, the adjustable trigger. The thing was packaged so nicely it was almost a shame to tear the bad open a remove the contents. Inside the clear bag there was of course the adjustable trigger set, a very detailed manual, and an Allen wrench.
I examined the trigger set looking for imperfections, and as expected there were none, no ugly finishing marks, no sharp rough corners, no anything. As stated by others on the forum, these guys are true professionals. One of the cool features I noticed though that none of the other previews on the board have covered, mainly because they didn't get there's in the mail, is a metal pin holding the trigger/disconnector assembly together so they don't separate forcing that little spring from flying off. What's so cool about it you ask? Well when it comes to install you just drop the piece in and slide the larger original trigger pin in its place. The only thing I could find wrong with the product was the manual. It is so detailed that some people might be intimidated by its size. Though this feeling quickly disappears once one turns the manual over to see a detailed drawing of the complete assembly that is labeled. The manual consists of several sections. The first details on how the trigger works, the second on how to set up a two stage trigger, and the third details on how to set up a single stage trigger.
After reading the manual several times I think I finally got the drift on how it works. So I decided to install it. After removing my crappy US internals that I am saving for another project down the road, I was ready to go. Installation is a breeze for those of us who have removed and reinstalled the FCG on a AK type rifle, but for newbies it is a little scary looking at all the springs and levers. That's why I will put a tutoral up soon on how to install the trigger group. I had the thing in my rifle in fewer than 10 minutes, it installs exactly like the normal FCG.
Here is a picture of the adjustable trigger assembly in the uncocked position. Notice how its an enitrely diffrent beast then that of the US FCG.
Here is a picture of the adjustable trigger assembly in the cocked position.
Following the manual I adjusted for a two-stage trigger using the included allen wrench, it is awesome. When I pull the trigger through the first stage I didn't fill anything gritty like I did on my other FCG, it is very nice and smooth. Once I get past the first stage I feel the trigger get hard letting my finger know if it moves back any father the rifle will fire. This is awesome for those who like to take time to carefully aim downrange. I wonder how many people messed up their groups because of the unpredictability of the crappy US FCG included with their rifle.

Again looking at the manual I adjusted for a single-stage trigger. I personally consider this the rock and roll setting. If you barely pull the trigger back the thing shoots. Hopefully if I get a chance to go to the range this weekend I can get a first hand experience on a improvement on how fast I can pull off shots. The problem most people experience with rapid shooting using the US FCG, is the fact that trigger slap hurts and forces one to slow down.

Once I was finished dry firing my AK with both settings I started to shake wanting to shoot it, unfortunately I wont have a chance to do a live fire test until this or next weekend. Overall this trigger is the best thing to happen to the AK series, it may not be the cheapest US trigger, but it is the best bang for your buck. Unlike the other $60 dollar US AK FCGs, you get more then just a basic trigger set, it's a higher quality, its adjustable and it just under $20 dollars more. To sum it up finally the AR isn't one of the only rifles with a good set of aftermarket triggers, well that day has ended, move over AR, the AK is here.

Short trip to the range with trigger installed
Ok I finally got a chance to shoot my AK with the RedStarArms adjustable trigger. WOW!!! Even though I only had time to shoot about 90 rounds down range (dam cows showed up and we had to stop). The first thing I did was pop in a 30 round magazine and pulled that sweet sounding AK action back. As you already know I had the thing set for a one-stage trigger so I was eager to see how quick I could dump a magazine on target. Taking aim at about 40-50 yards I pulled off all 30 rounds a lot faster then I thought possible. It seemed like my rate of fire increased! This was due to the fact that the crap FCG I had previously in the AK actually had two personalities. It would literally change from a one stage to a semi two stage for no apparent reason.

After the first magazine I was fired up! I wanted to bump fire so bad. Personally though I suck at bump firing, I can only get like 6-10 rounds off at a time, this might be due to the fact that I am left handed and it feels awkward using my right hand to fire, so I am no expert. When I was in the bumping position I pulled the AK forward with my left hand and it started to spurt rounds out it like a bullet hose, then I heard the magic click and the thing went to stop! It happened so fast I didn't realized that I just bumped the entire magazine. My friend and I just stood there laughing, and then we noticed some utility guys about a quarter mile behind us driving away in hurry! They probably thought we had a full auto. All I can say is the single stage setting defiantly makes it easier bump fire!

Once we let the AK cool down I decided to set the thing with the two-stage setting just to see what I could do. I set up some old 3-litter bottles of water down range and began to shoot at them with aimed shots. The two-stage trigger makes it much easier to aim because you can pull up the slack on the first stage, aim, and then fire. On my previous trigger it would randomly shoot depending on how fast or how slow you pulled the trigger back. Not being an expert at precision shooting, it appears that the two stage setting will actually improve groups because the first stage allows you to aim and then adjust before you finally squeeze the round off.

Unfortunately my short trip to the range ended when my friends next store neighbor let the cows out to feed. I personally wasn't going to risking turning a 10-cent round into a $500 dollar cow.

In conclusion this trigger is a must for any AK person!

If you want to know how to install a Fire Control Group such as this one make sure you click on my Fire Control Group instalation tutoral on the menu to the left.

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