AK Sling Installation Tutorial

First remove the magazine and open the action to ensure that the rifle is not loaded.

Standard Snap Hook Sling:

Place the weapon on its right side, buttstock to the right.

Place the sling below the weapon with the hook end to the right, and hollow rivet heads in D-ring attachment up. The end of the webbing at the buckle end will also be facing up.
Insert hook into butt swivel from left to right as shown, pull hook end of sling around and toward the left.
Insert hook under sliding keeper and into first slot of the buckle. It helps to turn the hook sideways to get it through the buckle slot.
Insert the hook through the second buckle slot.
Snap the hook on the front sling attachment on the gas block. When installed in this manner, the solid rivet heads on the D-ring attachment will be facing out.
Adjust the buckle for proper length and the sliding keeper to suit.
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