Bolt Disassembly
One of the most avoided and least discussed disassemblies is that of the bolt. Some people fear the intricate workings of small parts and avoid it like the plague. Well, there are some small parts, but it's not as scary as it looks. Before we begin, disassembling you bolt is not required every time your rifle needs cleaning or maintenance. In fact I only disassemble and fully clean the bolt once every 3 months or so. I recommend to users who have no idea how to field strip and clean their rifle to avoid disassembling their bolt until they have mastered the basics. The disassembly of the bolt requires you use the pin punch located in the AKs tool kit (See the Butt Stock Tool Kit Uses tutorial for more information). If you do not have one of these use a punch that will fit the pinholes.
Here is a picture of the bolt, your bolt may look slightly diffrent, but the parts should be the same. Take note of the two pinholes. The top hole stores the pin for the extractor, and the bottom one holds the pin for the firing pin.
Using the pin punch insert the smaller end of the punch into the bottom hole. Once inserted slowly push the pin out. If the smaller end of the punch will not fit into the pinhole try the other side of the pinhole. Once the pin has fallen out remove the pin punch and dump the firing pin out of the bolt(shown below). Be VERY careful not to lose the firing pin retainer pin.

After the firing pin is removed, insert the punch into the top pinhole. You must insert the pin punch on the side in which the extractor retainer pin is flat and not shaped at an angle. As you begin to push the pin out use your thumb to apply pressure on the extractor to make the pin come out easier. Once the pin has been fully pushed out DO NOT let your thumb off of the extractor. Under the extractor is a spring, to prevent it from flying off into the unknown I recommend you let go of the extractor in a plastic bag. Once the extractor has been removed be VERY careful not to lose the small spring and the extractor pin.

Well you have now fully disassembled the bolt. Take note of the small parts.

Part List:

A. Bolt

B. Firing Retainer Pin

C. Extractor Retainer Pin

D. Extractor

E. Extractor Spring

F. Firing Pin

Reassembly is done exactly in the reverse order of assembly, except for a few note worthy twist. The first step to reassemble is reinstalling the extractor. To reinstall, place the small spring back inside of the extractor. Next place the extractor, with the spring inside, back into the bolt. Make sure the inside curved part of the bolt is facing towards the center. Once the extractor is in place line up the extractor pin as shown in the drawing below, so the slant on the extractor pin does not obstruct the firing retainer pin's path. If it is not lined up this way the pin that retains the firing pin will not fit. Once the pin is lined up, press down firmly on the extractor and insert the pin. The pin should get to hard push by hand or with a punch. To insert the pin the rest of the way find a hard 90 degrees surface and press the pin in until flush with bolt. Luckily, the specific spot on the bolt were this pin is inserted is almost cut to 90 degrees so a table edge should push the pin flush. Once the pin is flush with the bolt use the pin punch to push it even further into the bolt until you can see all the way through the pinhole that holds the firing retainer pin.
The picture above depicts the bolt with the face portion standing up. This is an example of how the angled portion of the extractor retaing pin(Red Pin) needs to be. Always remeber to put the slant on the pin like it is shown, you will know if you did this correctly if you can clearly see through the firing retainer pinhole(Blue Pin).
Once you have the extractor correctly installed, its time to reinstall the firing pin. Again this portion of the assembly has a twist to it. Taking a look at the firing pin you will notice its oddly shaped near the front pointy end. The firing pin is shaped like this so the firing retainer pin can hold it into place.
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