This is the FAQ(Facts, Answers, Questions), I have placed, and will contiune to place answers to the many questions I always get asked via email.

Q. What does SAR stand for?
A. Semi-Automatic Rifle.
Q. What does WASR stand for?
A. I dont know, and neither does any one else.
Q. What does Romak stand for?
A. Romanian AK.
Q. Are you Romanian?
A. NO, I live in Texas.
Q. Arn't AK type rifles banned?
A. Yes and No, the select fire AK yes, the semi-auto version with US parts no.
Q. What states can I buy one of these rifles in?
A. I think all of em except for California, and now Conneticut. Though there are restrictions in NJ, MD, and NY(New York City).
Q. What/How many US parts are in a SAR?
A. There are five, Gas Piston, Pistol Grip, Hammer, Disconector, and Trigger
Q. Were is the best place to purchase a Romanian AK?
A. I recomend AIM surplus(check the links section).
Q. Do drums work with SARs?
A. Yes.
Q. One of your descriptions of my Romanian AK says not to buy one, well I own one and it kicks ass, you should change the description!
A. I get this one all the time, no I will not change the description, its geared towards buying a first AK, now your rifle my be fine, but the majority have the described problem.
Q. Doesn't owning all those military weapons make you want to go on a mass murder spree?
A. NO, take your brainwashing some where else.
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