AK Furniture Removal
First remove the magazine and open the action to ensure that the rifle is not loaded. Fieldstrip the rifle and remove the top cover, carrier spring assembly, carrier, and bolt (see FieldStripping Tutorial.)
Using a pair of pliers or the bullet tip of a cartridge, rotate the takedown lever located on the right side of the rear sight base upwards.
Takedown Lever in unlatched position
With the lever not quite vertical, grasp the rear end of the upper handguard/gas tube assembly and lift it up from the rear sight block. It might be necessary to wiggle the takedown lever back and forth to locate the release point for the rear end of the upper handguard/gas tube assembly. Once the rear end of the assembly is clear of the rear sight base, pull the front of the gas tube away from the gas block.
Using an open end or adjustable wrench, fit the wrench to the flats on the rear end of the gas tube, and grasp the upper handguard in the other hand as shown. While holding the wrench and the upper handguard firmly, GENTLY rotate the upper handguard 180 degrees.
The upper handguard can then be withdrawn from the gas tube. There is a stamped tension spring under the upper handguard and this can be pried from the upper handguard with fingers or a small screwdriver or pliers. The stamped tension spring is installed on the large (or rear) end of the upper handguard, and is installed toward the rear end of the gas tube (the end with the flats.)
Using a screwdriver or pliers, grasp the short lever at the right front side of the lower handguard. Rotate the lever up and to the front, approximately 180 degrees from the latched position.
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