About Me

Well it seems every one rushed to this section didn't they?

Well about my self, a few years ago I wanted to get into AKs, but there was little or no information, like many newbies, I was lost. So uninformed I walked into a gun shop and purchased what was labeled as a MAK-90. When I got home with it I noticed it said WASR-10....to make a long story short thats why I created this site, to inform and document as much info about Romanain AKs that are legal to be owned in the United States, and so far I appear to have the only Romanian AK site.

I live in San Marcos Texas which is part of the beautifull Central Texas Hill Country. I attend college at SouthWest Texas (SWTSU) (now Texas State) working towards a major in computer Science. My hobbies are computers and guns.

To get in contact with me you can E-Mail or post in the Romanian Forum located on AK-47.net. I go buy the alias linx310.

Below are some pics of SOME of my Military Rifles.

This is my WASR-10, when I got it I thought it was a MAK-90(it had a dragnov thumbhole stock), after doing some research I discovered it was a Romanian WASR-10s. Well I then order a romanian blonde buttstock to go with the hand guards and it turned out great!(no, i do not know where to find handguards(try K-VAR), they came with the rifle). Later I added a Red Star Arms FCG and it shoots like a dream.(NOTE the Hand Grenade in the Pic is inert, I just used it for decoration!)





Here is a picture of myself with my SAR-2

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