Uses for Butt Stock Tool Kit
Usually, when you purchase a new in box Romanian AK it comes with a strange cylinder that has several strange tools inside. This cylinder was designed to be a basic tool kit to service an AK type variant in the field with out the support of a complex machine shop. This guide will outline what the tools are some of there uses. (NOTE: there are multiple types of toolkits floating around, yours may look different then the one pictured, but they should all be capable of some of the basic uses)
First you must remove the cylinder from the butt stock if you have not done so already. If you purchased your rifle used and or did not receive a kit, check for it in the butt stock, most people don't realize they even have one until some one tells them. To remove the cylinder stick your finger in the hole until the trapdoor is held back by the toolkit. Remove your finger slowly and the toolkit should follow.

Next separate the small end cap off of the case of the cylinder and remove the contents inside. Most toolkits designed for the AK will have the same tools or tools that are very similar.

Item List:

A. Cleaning Jag(used to hold cleaning patch)

B. Multi tool

C. Pin Punch

D. Bore Brush

E. Tool Kit Cap

F. Tool Kit Case

G. Cleaning Rod(Not stored in tool kit)

Ok, one of the first pieces you need to become familiar with is the tool kit case, if you noticed it has a series off holes and slots. Each one of these holes and slots serves a purpose. Below is a key to the picture that describes the names we will be assigning to each slot/hole. This is necessary so I can refer back to a specific slot/hole.

Slot/Hole Description:

A. Large Hole

B. Small Hole

C. Large Slot

D. Small Slot

E. Locking Lever Slot

Now using the above case slot/hole guide, you can assemble multiple basic tools for working on your rifle. The first tool, and one of the most useful, is the blade tool. This tool was primary used to depress the compensator lock depicted in the drawing to remove a compensator/flash hider. Since most Romanian's do not come equipped with a compensator, the tool serves other uses such as tightening various screws on the rifle, such as a butt stock screw, or to leverage/pry parts off of the rifle that are stuck. Once such use would be removing a stuck Sheppard's hook. To assemble this tool insert the sight notch part down through the large slot and out through the small slot on the other side of the tool kit case.

The next tool that can be assembled is the sight tool. This tool is used to adjust the elevation of the center sight peg in the front sight. Please view the Sighting in Your AK tutorial for instructions on how to use this tool. To assemble this tool stick the blade end of the multi tool through the large slot down through and out the small slot in the tool kit case.
Since every rifle gets dirty in the field it must be maintained, though the AK series will still operate no matter how dirty it gets, it's a good idea to clean it to protect your investment. If you took notice to the description of items included in your tool kit, it is apparent that most of them are used in cleaning the rifle. The cleaning jag, and bore brush are both accessories to the cleaning rod. To build the cleaning remove it from under the barrel of the rifle and then insert the threaded end through the top of the large hole down completely through the small hole. Make sure the cleaning rod is completely pulled down through the tool kit case until it stops.(NOTE: Some tool kit cases have a hole drilled through the center of the cylinder cap. This is supposed to be slid on the cleaning rod to help line it up when inserting). Next take one of the cleaning accessories and screw it on to the end of the cleaning rod. Use the center half circle shape in the center of the multi tool as a wrench to tight the accessory on if necessary. Lastly, insert the multi tool into the cleaning case on top of the cleaning rod to keep it from backing out. If your cylinder end cap has no hole, and or is not being used, put the cap back on the case to prevent the multi tool from falling out, otherwise use your thumb.
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