Field Stripping an AK
Fieldstripping is a must know skill for any AK owner. Field stripping allows the owner access to the major areas of the rifle that need cleaning. I have created this tutorial to help teach the basics of fieldstripping.

Ok the first step is to remove the magazine from the rifle, put the safety lever on fire (all the way down) and cock the action back clearing the rifle of any rounds in the chamber and setting the hammer into the position needed for the rifle to be disassembled.
Now push the retaining tab forward until it clicks under the receiver cover.
The receiver cover can now be removed.

Next press the retaining tab all the way forward until it comes off the receiver.
Now you can fully remove the recoil spring assembly.

With the spring removed pull the action all the way back, when it reaches the rear of the receiver you should be able to lift up and remove it.

Now you should be able to separate the bolt assemble.
And that's it! Your rifle has now been field striped. To reassemble put the bolt assemble back together and follow the steps in the reverse order. Also the hammer must be in the cocked position before reassembly.
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