Red Star Arms Shepard Hook Replacment
About a week ago I recieved one of Red Star Arms Shepard Hook Replacment...need less to say I was very please. Look below for a full review.

Are you tired of messing around with that stupid Shepard hook for hours on end, which can some times lead to the rifle being thrown across the room in frustration? Well Red Star Arms has the solution for you. I recently acquired one of there newest products, the Shepard hook replacement. The replacement is a thin steel plate with a black finish similar to there Adjustable Trigger set for the AK and the machining quality is suburb.

The Replacment installs in just a few simple seconds and takes the pain out of working on the rifles Fire Control Group. I don't know why companies just don't ship rifles with these things, it makes it so much simpler.

To test the durabilty I fired about 200 rounds through my WASR-10 in one afternoon and it held strong with no problems to speak of. If you are gonna work on your AK regularly I highly recomend you get one of these.

Below is a picture of a normal shepard hook (a) next to Red Star Arm's Shepard Hook Replacment (b)

For a tutoral on how easy it is to intall one of these check out my Fire Control Group Removal tutoral on the menu to the left


Click the banner below if you are intrested in one of these.

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