AK Furniture Removal Part II
The lower handguard keeper plate (with the front sling loop) can then be slid forward away from the lower handguard.
Pull the front of the lower handguard down and forward to withdraw the lower handguard from the barrel and receiver. The stamped tension plate at the front of the lower handguard can be removed from the lower handguard with a small screwdriver or pliers.

To remove the buttstock from the receiver, first remove the front and rear tang screws.
Next, insert the tip of a flat screwdriver blade in the hole in the rear trunnion, just forward of the buttstock stub. You may have to hold the screwdriver at an angle with the handle pointing upward to the rear in order to insert the blade between the buttstock stub and the front edge of the hole in the rear trunnion.
Gently pull the handle of the screwdriver forward, which “levers” the buttstock rearward and out of the receiver.
Reassembly is generally in reverse order. The buttstock can be reinstalled by gently tapping the butt against a carpeted floor or other cushioned surface, or a rubber mallet can be used. When reinstalling the upper handguard to the gas tube, make certain that the large end of the upper handguard is toward the rear end of the gas tube (end with the flats). Care must be taken to fully insert the upper handguard straight into the flanges on the gas tube before rotating the upper handguard 180 degrees to fully install it. The upper handguard is thin in section and fragile; if it is squeezed it will crack or snap in two lengthwise. A cracked upper handguard can be repaired with yellow carpenter's glue; follow instructions.
These instructions are provided for general information only based on removal of furniture from the specific weapon pictured. Neither the author nor Linx310 can be held responsible for any consequential damages as a result of an AK owner attempting to disassemble his or her weapon or remove the weapon's furniture while following these instructions.
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