Home Made Romanian Threaded Sight Block part II
After you have acquired the necessary tools and parts you must first install the plunger system that locks the brake onto the rifle.
Take a look at the front sight block on your rifle and look at it from the front; you will notice that there is a hole above where the barrel fits. This hole is for the Retainer pin that locks the compensator in place, but it's missing so we must put it together. The rear hole is where you insert all the parts from, the front hole is where the plunger comes out.
Take the spring and retainer pin that came with package AK205 that you ordered from K-VAR and drop the retainer pin in, with the open end facing to towards the rear of the front sight block down into the hole, now drop the spring down inside the hole also. View the picture if you need help. (NOTE: The picture to the left is of a threaded front site block, the instalation procedure of the pin should be the same)
Next we need to lock the piece in place, take part number AK256 that you ordered from K-VAR and put it in the small hole circled, use a small punch to put it in place, you may have to use another punch to push the spring out of the way, make sure that the compensator retaining pin and spring are still inside the front sight block. When the pin is in place push in on the compensator retainer pin, if you did this correctly it should have some spring tension behind it. The ends of part number AK256 should be cupped out to hold itself in place, to secure it we must flatten both ends on each side. Look at the picture below.(NOTE: The picture below is of a threaded front site block, the instalation procedure of the pin should be the same)
Now you need to flatten the ends of the pin out so you must place one side of the pin against a flat hard metal object and tap of the opposite side with a pin punch to get it to flatten out, when you are finished on one side switch sides and do the other. View the picture to get an idea of what it should look like.
If you did it correctly then your Front Site Block should look like the one pictured to the left. The area circled in red is the pin in the extended position.
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