Bolt Disassembly
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To reinstall the firing pin line it up with bolt as shown in Fig 1 below. Make sure the extractor pinhole is on top and the firing retainer pinhole is on the bottom. Position the firing pin as shown in Fig 2 below, make sure the less tapered part is facing downwards as shown. Now slide the firing pin into the bolt carefully making sure it stays with the non-tapered end facing downwards. If you did it correctly the firing retainer pinhole should be clear of obstructions as show in Fig 3.(NOTE: If you are having trouble study the drawings, make sure the less tapered part on the front of the firing pin if facing downwards, it must be like this so the firing retainer pin can hold it in place.)
Once you have the firing pin correctly in place, carefully take the firing retainer pin and insert it into the pinhole. Using your thumb, while at the same time making sure you do not tip the bolt, press the pin in until it is flush with the out side of the bolt. Next take the pin punch and press the pin in even further until it will not go any further. You have now successfully reassembled the bolt. (NOTE: If the pin wont go in make sure you installed the extractor pin correctly with the angled portion allowing room for the firing retainer pin.) If every thing went smoothly tip to bolt up on its end, the firing pin should not fall out.
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