HiCap's Large Capacity Magazines
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After the trip to the range I still wanted to really see what these magazines could do. So when I when I made my annual trip to Sam Houston National Forest I stopped at the public range. I must have bumped a couple hundred rounds out of each magazine, and they all functioned flawlessly. Below are some links to some small videos of me bumping with some of the magazines. If you dont know what bumping is make sure you check out the bump firing tutoral on the menu to the left.

To watch the videos Right Click on the Link and Select "Save Target As" and Save them to your hard drive. When they are done downloading double click on the video and enjoy (the videos will only play from you hard drive!) You must have the newest version of quick time to watch the videos.

Large Magazine Bump 1

Large Magazine Bump 2

UPDATE: I recently acquired a 40 round FAL magazine and a 55 round AK-47 magazine(pictured below), they look awesome, I will be testing them soon.

Below are some pics of these magzines in some of my rifles

In conclusion these magazines function perfectly and are a blast. They are not meant to be "tactical", so if you don't like the way they look, or how ergonomically a large magazine feels keep in mind that these are for FUN.

Overview of Magazines:
Pro - Large capacity means less reload times, gets you noticed quickly on the range, and is a BLAST to bump fire.

Cons - Large size makes these magazines unpractical for bench shooting or tactical use. Paint peels after prolonged rubbing with steel.

UPDATE: HiCap no longer produces these so dont ask how to find them.

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