Meeting started by topyli at 13:05
13:05:24 LINK Pici
13:06:06 Topic: Failure to document blanket ban policy
13:20:27 ACTION topyli Pici to document ikonia's namespace ban proposal.
13:21:01 Topic: Failure to respond / follow up on pending actions
13:28:32 Topic: high level council overviews
13:36:44 Topic: Discussion about approved/non-approved shell hosts access to Ubuntu channels (revisit)
13:48:29 ACTION topyli topyli to send formal agreement to ikonia's shell fix
13:54:57 Topic: Clearing the ban list
14:07:11 ACTION topyli nhandler to send mail about ban list clearing
Meeting ended at 14:09.

People Present:
  1. Pici
  2. topyli
  3. nhandler
  4. bilalakhtar
  5. ikonia
  6. Seeker`
  7. elkybirthday
  8. tsimpson