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In ancient times, folks used prayers to enhance their lives. As we've gained knowledge, we have come to find that "prayers" are a form of "positive thinking". Multiple modern studies have found that people who think positively live longer & lead healthier lives.
Modern science has also found that the recipients of positive thinking also benefit from the positive thinking of others.
This page is not meant to replace your priest, rabbi, shaman, imam or other religious guide. In fact, this page can be used by the agnostic and atheist as well. Positive thoughts are positive no matter how they're formatted.
So if you feel like praying for someone or are thinking good thoughts about another, jot those positive thoughts down in this box and send them on their way.

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This form doesn't send your text anywhere. It is here to help you form your thoughts. When you put your good thoughts or wishes in the form and click the "Enhance the universe" button, you've done just that.

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